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AJAX Infinity

This is demo page for AJAX Infinity, an infinite scroll plugin for Joomla. AJAX Infinity replaces Joomla pagination with auto-loading infinite scroll. Instead of clicking on pagination links, you can now simply scroll down to reach more content. The older articles will auto-populate as you scroll down through the page. To test it, just scroll down this page and watch more content appear at the bottom. Get AJAX Infinity for your Joomla website here.

AJAX Infinity offers a whole new experience for your Joomla website. Whether you run a blog site or news site your visitor will appreciate this simple new way to navigate through the articles. And it works both for blog category view and featured articles view.

The search engine bots, and the browsers with JS disabled, will continue to see the good old pagination links, so you don't have to worry about decreased visibility of your articles.

Read more about AJAX Infinity and get it here: